Sunday, November 6, 2011

Submission requires: Strength

Way back when, when I first heard about this "dominance/submission" thing... it clicked with me right away.  It explained so many feelings/leanings/yearnings I had had all my life.

But I remember railing against the number of people who thought that submissive women were weak-willed, weak-minded, or just simply weak. Now I don’t have to rail, I just ignore such nonsense.

A true submissive isnt weak at all.  She is as strong as her Dominant (sometimes stronger - ooooh - issues, issues!)

It takes a lot of courage to mentally, emotionally, physically submit your own will to the leadership of another "frail" human being.  For myself, I know I can "be my own woman".  I've lived on my own and supported myself and two small babies - ON MY OWN.  Paid my own bills, took care of my house/apartment, worked, shopped, cooked, cleaned, parented - all on my own.

But I didn’t WANT to.  Not that I wasn’t capable - or that I wanted to be lazy (wouldn’t I have been in for a big surprise if I thought submission=laziness??) I just had a deep deep down desire to follow someone else's lead.

It's harder though.  When I had to make all the decisions, I just did it.  I weighed my options and made choices (some good, some bad, some terrible, but some great).  I did alright.  And it wasn’t too difficult.  I had a decent job, an apartment I loved and could afford and I had some pretty well-behaved children (who went to school at the time).

So, turning all that over, willingly saying "I will submit to your decisions even when I think there is a better way of doing this" - that's HARD!  It takes a strength that some days I'm not sure I have.  I seriously struggle on a regular basis to hold to that commitment.

But like in all things, I'm believing that even small steps forward will eventually turn into a great journey, because I believe that God created us to do just this.  He didn’t promise that it would be easy - just that it would be worth it.  I totally believe that.


Dragon's Rose said...

Submitting to a man is the hardest thing I have ever done. Most of the time it is easy. I am his china doll, his princess to spoil. But then we disagree. You are right. Submission isn’t easy at all.

Susie said...

I agree! It takes a great deal of strength, a healthy sense of self-respect, unselfish love and a humble spirit...all at the same time. Quite tricky!

Sara said...

Yep to all of it. I am a strong capable woman, a leader myself, but submitting to my husband makes our marriage work better, and leaves me feeling safe, cared for, protected...just somehow right inside.